As a person donating, you want your donation to help as many people affected by disasters in the fastest way possible. You care about transparency, as you want to ensure your donation ends up where you intended it to.

121 is an end to end Cash Based Aid (CBA) system with which you will be able to understand the needs of the people you are helping and digitally follow the speed and the arrival of the donation. It will facilitate fast, easy donations to those humanitarian causes you care about and help communities in need to get their life back to normal as soon as possible, without compromising on their safety and autonomy.


Current practices make CBA systems complex and slow, including many repetitive steps and recurring issues on both the providing and receiving end. Through Co-Design sessions, you are confirming that there is potential for you to:

For a person affected:

  • To increase the speed of receiving aid.
  • Increase safety when receiving aid.

For you as a donor:

  • Have your donation reach its destination faster.
  • To get a notification when your donation has arrived.

For the Aid worker:

  • To increase the speed of facilitating aid.
  • Increase safety when facilitating aid.


We are currently co-designing 121 with you as a donor to ensure the system will meet your needs and expectations. When we have clustered and analyzed our findings, we will be able to tell you more about how 121 will work for you. Click here for more information on what co-design is.


121 was specifically created to work towards a safer, faster and fairer kind of CBA for all. These three goals are addressed in the following ways:


121 makes CBA safer for both the people in need and the aid workers supporting them. Where possible, physical cash distribution sites are avoided, and the digital identities of the people affected are protected and stored securely.


121 will mean your global transfer will reach its local destination as fast as possible. It will support local aid workers by replacing many administrative functions digitally. It will also handle the cash distribution directly with the people affected, on their phone and in their own language, which will reduce waiting times and human errors. The people in need will also receive fast feedback on their inclusion to receive aid, and 121 will inform them directly where, how and how often they can receive their support.


As a donor, you want to ensure your cash will go to those who need it most. The 121 system makes use of distribution and inclusion algorithms, that will assist aid workers to distribute the available amount of CBA fairly.

121 is still under development. Do you want to read more about the different pilots we launched already? Please click on one of the posts below. We will be continually updating the website.

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