We co-designed with aid workers conducting registration and distribution for Cash aid in fast based emergencies and slow  onset disasters around the world, asking them about their experience of before, during and after giving aid and its been collectively confirmed that there is potential for you as an aid worker in the field to:

  • Reduce duplication and improve coordination
  • Increase efficiency and scale
  • Upgrade your humanitarian services

The below Humanitarian Value Proposition was created from co designing with over 50 Aid workers in various positions in Ho’s NGO’s and Governments responding with Cash Based Aid to Hurricanes, Floods, Droughts and Manmade Crises across St. Maarten, Ukraine, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Netherlands. Further research in cash based aid was conducted with insights from Co designs with Aid Workers delivering Cash Programs programs in Greece, Lebanon, Botswana, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Ghana.

Considering the wide array of contexts and specifics there were many common Tasks, Pains and potential to help aid workers in the registration and Cash distribution process.

  • In Pink are a representation of general topics clustered from quotes from 1 hour 121 Co Design sessions
  • In yellow are the main points identified that 121 could address 
  • In Navy shows the potential to create a product that could address needs with as much dignity as possible.

It is important to note in the Co designs most every aid worker had first hand experience with Cash Based aid, some AW’s experience was “in Kind aid”.

121’s aim is to ensure that when possible registration process you offer is consistent as possible, reducing the need for you and your peers to translate questionnaires/needs assessments live.

121’s aims increase the safety over the personal information you collect by ensuring data collection processes are not prone to data leaks. 

121’s aim is to give you tools and processes that give you certainty and transparency as to why or why PA’s are/are not included in a program and why.

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