This product helps you as a Person Affected who needs to understand more about the aid you applied for


  • Understanding with latest updates on the program you applied (1 way SMS/Whatsapp message sent to you depending on phone ownership & type)
  • Connection to aid workers who can help you with questions you may have (2 way Whatsapp helpdesk available id HO chooses)


  • Time taken to understand which services you are potentially eligible for
  • Time taken to travel to physical service desks to ask questions 
  • Simple Icon Buttons enable you to “tap and learn as you go” through the categories
  • Pop-ups enables you to be easily, yet concisely, informed about the aid programs available with up-to-date information
  • Whatsapp helpdesk allows you to reach out directly to the local aid service provider to ask specific questions during clear opening hours
  • Multiple languages can be available for helpdesk by ensuring volunteers that are members of the target group are trained to manage the helpdesk.
  • Web application (therefore can be used for Android /IOS/ any other operating system) 
  • Designed for use on Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops (Either PA’s own or HO’s)
  • Requires Internet connection 
  • Content Managed by designated Aid Worker via simple easy to update spreadsheet

As an Aid Worker the PA APP INFORMATION is not made for you directly but does ensure for a smoother communication process on what you can share as offred by your organization or organizations you are happy to refer PA’s to in your area.

Easy sharable web app with one stop overview of Programs to refer to in Area allows you and your team to

  • Give a consistent & aligned program advice to PA’s
  • Remove the need to repeatedly share programs available in verbal form for PA’s
  • Offer remote information in highly digital / literate target groups (NL Pilot undocumented migrants spread across a wide Urban Setting)
  • Spend more time assisting those who need support with applying to programs or referrals

Easy Spread Sheet Content management allows you to

  • Align with other program or services offered in same area to build overview
  • Add new services as easily as copying and pasting a URL
  • Remove or amend existing services on the app 
  • Simple easy to use Familiar tools and steps to manage the app see below

Are you inspired by the work achieved so far? As a corporation or institutional donor there is potential to be part of the next round of sprint development! Read more about the Product plan here in this link!  and contact us below!

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