This pilot was started in April 2019, the DIF Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was to be tested in the (*first) final quarter of 2020. However the pilots planned for Malawi & Ethiopia were cancelled due to the complexity of COVID-19. Subsequently a pilot was created in the Netherlands to ensure the pilot completed the requirements in time.


Dorcas strives for lasting change for those who live in poverty, are excluded or are caught in a crisis. For this reason, they have been implementing Cash Based Aid (CBA) as part of their activities. Looking for ways to increase impact, they invested their Dutch Relief Alliance innovation funding and with the complexity of covid contuned to work together with the Netherlands Red Cross on piloting 121 Direct Cash Aid pilot in Netherlands with undocumented migrants. This began in NOV 2020 until MAY 2021.


The 121 pilot consists of two tracks: 1. Human Centered Design (HCD) Track 2. Tech Track


121 products are designed with the end-users in mind. For the co-design sessions in Malawi, these were People Affected and Aid Workers. Since April 2019, 510 is working and co-designing together with: –People Affected by floods & poverty – The Netherlands Red Cross and their local partners, LVV & LOA & with their expert protection knowledge from Red Een Kind. The co-design sessions were conducted with: -23 Undocumented Migrants  – 12 Aid Workers Netherlands Red Cross, Leger Des Heils and local governmental workers. The insights from these sessions informed the interfaces and system requirements for the DIF MVP and have been added to all insights gathered as 121 co-designs further across the globe.


The goal of the 121 system is Direct Cash Aid, which consists of two components: Digital Identity Creation and Cash Aid Distribution. For the pilot in Malawi, the MVP will incorporate both components. Digital Identity Creation: The MVP is being co-created in a collaboration between Tykn & 510 (An Initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross). Tykn leads the development of the #DigitalIdentityBackend and 510 leads the development of the #121Frontend and integration into the #121System. Cash Aid Distribution: 

The MVP is being co-created by 510 (An Initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross).  Leading the development of the #BackendMoneyflow and #121Frontend and integration into the #121System.


All the aforementioned work has been designed and developed with the following HO: Red een Kind The role of Red een Kind in the Netherlands Pilot is to set up a general protection referral system framework (to be designed for the system), which can be used in different countries. It will include a list of different protection service providers linked to specific vulnerabilities. This way, people can easily find out where to go when they have a specific vulnerability for which they want to make an appointment at some service provider. They have mapped the protection service providers in the Netherlands, assessing the protection situation and referral pathway for protection issues and linking the system and participating piloting organizations to complementary protection services in the region. LVV The role of LVV in the Netherlands has been to identify, engage and verify people in need and waiting on the housing list.  510 has worked as part of the Netherlands Red Cross building local organizations capacity in cash programming and with their help 121 has been able to gain valuable insights into program design & processes including having access to co-design with the very people they help.


Tykn’s mission is “Creating a future of opportunity through digital identity. Because people matter.” And that is indeed what they have been working on: bringing privacy, data protection and efficiency to digital identities.

510’s purpose is to “Improve speed, quality & cost-effectiveness of humanitarian aid by using data & digital”. It started 121 in 2017 as a way to reach this purpose. It leverages data science, technology and Human Centered Design to create its products. 510 is working with consortium members to create donation channels for fundraising, with local financial service providers to provide distribution channels in the pilot locations, and with 510 to develop 121 capability to deliver different cash modalities. Currently, 510 is exploring these potential modalities with local Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to add to the first part of the 121 system in the pilot country .

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