This product helps you as a Person Affected who needs to get access to aid by


  • Time taken to register for a program
  • Complexity of the form filling process
  • Personal Information collected


  • Certainty about why/when/how/what aid is available
  • Understanding who sees your Personal Information
  • Autonomy to meet your needs & that of your family
  • Chat like form to go through the registration process step by step, create account and fill in your needs assessment
  • Simple Buttons enable you to “tap and learn as you go” through the registration process even if you are not digitally familiar
  • Pop-ups enables you to be easily, yet concisely, informed about the aid program & what happens to your personal information
  • Spoken User Interface allows you to keep track of the process, understand what is being asked of you in each step, in your own language, if you can’t read or if you have visual impairments.
  • Multiple languages are available for registration. Currently we have successfully translated the PA APP from English to Turkana, Samburu, Arabic, Tagalog & Tigrinya with plans to translate to Farsi, Dutch & French too
  • UX Copy is simple to ensure there are less possible mistranslations in the interface in your local language & is co-written with dedication of local volunteers, HCD Volunteers, and professional Volunteer UX copy writer
  • Easy to translate the interface through the Transifex-platform which makes it easier for local volunteers to help translate for further end users
  • If needed depending on the Program context and specific end users
    • The voice of the interface is recorded via WhatsApp message by local volunteers in an accent that is familiar
  • Web application (therefore can be used for Android /IOS/ any other operating system) 
  • Designed for use on Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops (Either PA’s own or HO’s)
  • Requires Internet connection (Currently, offline option is TBD)
  • Has Account sign in option (if reuse of account is needed)

As an Aid Worker the PA APP is not made for you directly but does ensure for a smoother registration process you run.

Easy Spoken interface in local language

  • Removes your need to translate/ read out the forms live repeatedly to PA
  • Allows you & your team to give a consistent service to PA’s

Safe Data Collection PA’s

  • Ensures Personal Information you collect, is not prone to data leaks

Faster Self registration allows you to

  • Offer remote registration in highly digital / literate target groups (NL Pilot undocumented migrants spread across a wide Urban Setting)
  • Spend more time assisting those who need support during Self registration (Remotely or Face to Fae depending on context)
  • Leverage the opportunity for PA’s to get accustomed to the self registration process (KN Pilot Digitally Illiterate PA’s were assisted in Self Registration)

Are you inspired by the work achieved so far? As a corporation or institutional donor there is potential to be part of the next round of sprint development! Read more about the Product plan here in this link!  and contact us below!

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