The 121 product components are made to create fast safe and fair cash programs in emergency situations. It provides products that facilitate Cash Based Aid programs directed at the needs and challenges facing 3 types of end users identified in the process, Persons Affected, Aid worker in Field and Cash Program Managers.

As a Person affected you could avail of  3 working 121 solutions.

  1. Information app that shares programs available in your area (that can also be non cash aid).
  2. Self registration app that allows you to apply for a cash based aid program offered in your area that asks for limited personal data.
  3. Digital (Whatsapp) helpdesk which can be linked to both the information and the registration app to allow you to pose frequently asked questions when an aid worker is not available face to face.

As an aid worker you could avail of 3 working 121 solutions!

  1. Information app content management spreadsheet to easily update relevant programs available in the area
  2. Self registration app allows you to spend less time translating and inputting data and more time assisting those who need help
  3. Aid worker App allows for safe validation of  Identities and or Needs Assessment without concerns for data breeches

As a cash manager you can avail of a Humanitarian Organization Portal that allows you to

  1. Track the program process through design, registration, validation, inclusion payment(s) and monitoring.
  2. Protect Personal Information of people affected through Privacy by design and minimized data collection & access rights.
  3.  (In prototype) Automated Program Design wizard that ensures you have covered all the best practices when setting up a Cash program with speed.

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